You're Never Wrong

April 8, 2015

Recently, I've realized I've stopped believing in things and I don't mean Santa Claus, or permanence, or purely unselfish giving, though yes to all that, but even the small things that don't have an existential connotation. Like sales. I don't believe in sales. Sales aren't really there for your benefit. Doctors are just people like you and me who don't know everything. I don't believe in holiday traditions, beauty, cures for ailments, really anything Dr. Oz tells the masses, or even suggested causes of ailments (with the severe exception of stress). We don't need THAT much sleep. Or do we? The FDA doesn't know WHAT'S good for us. That cream won't minimize wrinkles. That more expensive shampoo won't make your hair any shinier. Teachers don't know everything. I don't know whether policemen are good people or just guys who were too physical for college and now follow the herd in their squad cars.

Trust here, before you navigate away to littlebabysloths.com for want of something a little less peeing-in-bottles paranoid, that I'm being a little hyperbolic, but making a point that it's hard to take anything as truth with so many sources of questionable or unverified information.

These are things that I've trusted or taken for granted as truths my whole life. And yet, how depressing that there is a phrase revolving around the only two things we know for certain: death and taxes. A sad take, indeed, but true nonetheless.

All this terrified me the more and more I realized it, until I had come to such a state of confusion that none of it mattered because everything that could go wrong was going to or had. A healthy-living, wonderful person may get cancer or ALS. But with a little time and a few lessons from the school of misplaced WebMD fears, I have mellowed.

Basically, what it's boiled down to for me is that nothing is really worth rushing or stressing about. Nothing merits unnatural actions or calls for a lack of self-trust. I don't care WHAT sale is going on this weekend, because all merchandise is the same, I can find it elsewhere, and it's not really cheap unless no one wants it. I don't care what the latest diet fad is because nothing works for me except an engaging interest in anything else besides eating. No one can tell me for sure that my habits of going to bed late and waking up early cause will cause me grief. The soy in my vegetarian diet both causes and prevents cancer. What I think looks fine is ugly to many other people and what I do is silly to many more.

As long as I live life consciously and make an effort to only affect those around me in a positive way, I don't believe that there's really anything to worry about. You can't. The point is maybe you're never wrong and, barring illness and loss, life is there for you to explore unhindered because nobody has the answers. So, do whatever the hell you want!


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