How to Continue Writing When You Feel Tired and Uninspired

April 6, 2015

I haven't posted in a while.

SO WHAT. I've BEEN BUSY. And distracted.

Really, I have not been making myself busy at all though. And the worst thing to do when feeling like that is not continue with what makes me happy and instead fill my time with the following:

Last week, I took a nap every single day. I DON'T TAKE NAPS. But what can you do when you lack inspiration? Here we are for another battle against LAAAAAZE!! This is a post about how to stage an intervention on yourself to get crackin on your WRITING endeavors despite being tired, the strategies of which may or may not have just proven themselves useless in the last week. You, dear make-believe reader, decide.

So, since I am no creative genius, I often rely on prompts as I am able to expound upon them to get my brain working. Below I've included a couple of activities that I think oil the gears and just might help expel the banana chunk from the straw of your creative LIFE SNORKEL.

  1. What's another way to say a cliche?
    This little exercise is exactly what it sounds like. What's another way to say "get the juices flowing" or "fan the flameā€"? It goes beyond replacing simple words with the synonym function in Word, and causes you to wiggle your mind upside-down out of a window for experiences to find new relationships. I once read a Jezebel article where the author expressed someone being bad by saying they had "killed Mufasa and dried up the Pridelands." Glorious. This kind of exercise is also great for writing lyrics, unless you are content with radio lyrics in all of their ingenuine record-skipping through my 'soul', on my knees (barf), ripping at the seams (blugh), falling apart, breaking my heart (gaaaaaag-uh) and on and on it goes ahmagaaaaahsh. Even if nothing pops up off the top of my head, I keep this exercise in mind throughout the day and write down notes when inspired by something juicy. I was once asked what my pet peeves were in a job interview. What a grand tune to take the floor and sing/dance to for an audience, but I could not think of a single one and it haunts me to this day. I just have so many, but, perhaps nothing eats away at my burning yearning soul more than... 'until the morning light.' Also poor use of the turn lane, cc'ing people who do not need to be cc'd, and paying with a check in the express lane. I could continue for eons. I shan't. I mustn't. I won't! I will. Soon. In another post. It will be wicked and it will be fun. Join me, then, imaginary friends!
  2. Name things of the same color.
    Similar to the way the first exercise works, this one gets you thinking on a different level trading commonalities for something fresh. This one is harder for me, because, sure, a coffee cup can be red, but not identifiably so and something like a fire hydrant just sounds stupid. Are they even red in real life anywhere? Really, the only image I can muster is a red cardinal at the top of a winter tree, which sounds like a terrible indie album title. Still, try this. Do better. It's like a list of 10 unsolvable problems and you're Stephen Hawking solving them all like MMMmmmHmm. Or it's totally defeating. I don't know. Just kidding. I do know and it is all very doable. DON'T FAIL!
  3. Write a quick paragraph about something that happened to you today. Then, go back and turn it into something a little more spectacular. Take each sentence and spice it up. For example: "Everyone sucks" can become, "Our world is suffering endemic insensitivity and we are all just little daddy long legs getting our spindly little legs plucked off one by one," ... and "I will be mad about it," can morph into something like, "I'm going to let my thoughts take me hostage for an entire day in some small, peeling room in a rundown resort on the Isle of Angry Victimized Citizens Goddamn." That's hardly Washington Journal material, but it's just spicy enough to visualize, right? Maybe not. I don't even know. I suck at this!

Or do I?
This is going to be you. Don't sweat it. Or do. I can't tell you how to be. It's a very confusing time. Just try!


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