My Arduous Quest Has Come to an End

August 26, 2015

This summer, I have had 14 interviews involving role playing, written response tests, a multitude of standard interview questions, interpretive dances spontaneously performed as a show of unity between me and the serendipitous opportunity before me, and I finally encountered the ominous programming problem-solving question. For the first time, since graduating from college in 2008 as Bush giggled his way into obscurity, I have faced an abundance of solid job opportunities and accepted an offer for my top choice. (Oh yea, I got way the hell out of teaching. I am now the newest software developer trainee for UT!

I'm going to be paid for 6 months of programming training on a beautiful campus five minutes from my house in my beautiful city. I still attribute it to luck rather than hard work. I mean, I totally intended to sacrifice those fluffy cubs, I just haven't gotten around to it... guess they'll just have to live and I'll just have to keep my soul. Thanks, oh devil in the details of my lazier days, but I'll send you a postcard from the prestigious land of proactivity!

Seeing as how I have felt like a total beginner/imposter and, in interviewing for the job, I kept thinking, "I am so funny being here like I belong, bless my heart," I think this talk from Two Guys on Your Head about impostor syndrome is appropriate.


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