Every Day Vacation

April 7, 2016

Get ready because today is fueled by cliches and wonderful, wonderful billboard nonsense. So, I've decided I need to bring a little travel into my everyday life by any means possible. And, perhaps more importantly, I have stopped telling people "happy Friday" because goddamn y'all. . . Friday is one of SEVEN DAYS. I must carry this pre-Friday (it is currently Thursday) glow through the whole week and not look like the Tales from the Crypt man Monday morning simply because the weight of the week has the power to completely rob my person of any signs of life aside from a screeching, bone-chilling cackle and some tufts of white hair that flow in the wind when I step outside. I have already written about how it's all about TUESDAY now. But that is nothing and dumb. I hope you didn't read it.

Here are the specifics on how I am magically turning traffic into a pina colada (a v good analogy) and job-related anxiety into one of those coffin-like Japanese pods they call a hotel and probably feel like dying but dying on a vacation so it's a fine compromise:
  • Since I greatly enjoy the pleasures of walking, seeing new things, and eating delicious foods - this is traveling in a nutshell - it stands to reason that I can improve my daily time-spent-not-mouth-breathing index by walking new places and eating there! Today, for instance, I dropped my boyfriend off at an event downtown and brought my writing to a rooftop bar to have a beer and watch sunset. This is IT. It's 68 degrees outside, the sky is perfectly clear, the trees are greening so green that everyone's face is 'sploding with allergic sunbeams (or...sneeze juice reflecting light? all in how you see it), and I feel the peace and serenity of the grackle call wiggling through me and waddling in circles whilst I fluff out my feathers in a dance of joy.

  • Weeeeeee!!!
  • Start being more acceptingly adventurous about your commute. Since I live about fifteen blocks from my workplace, I have the option of walking, bussing, and riding my bike, all within a reasonable time and price ($Free.fitty-free). I can also drive if I want to rent a Car2Go or pay $17 to park in a garage for the day, but no because poor. I recently walked home from a happy hour and I saw details in houses and smelled so many gloriously pungent flowers that I teetered all the way home smiling after only one alcohol. Riding my bike results in the discovery of new muscles. They are, however, more of a discovery along the lines of the Balrog in Moria, and perhaps are better left to dwindle away into eternity undisturbed. Anyway - change! - it's actually a pretty damn good thing.
  • Eat with more of a vacation attitude. Work work work and then hungry. And hungry for delicious things. And I eat them in a nice spot. And enjoy the surroundings while eating them. This is vacation eat. Do.
  • Look around you, not at your phone. If you're anywhere interesting at all, just observe your surroundings. Think about who has been there before and what they've looked like in the past. Who will be there in the future and will you ever be back? Where do you think you'll be if never in that place again? Do you like it? Zen wisdom says that's fine because nothing is either good or bad, so it's totally cool either way. Just chill.
  • I got distracted and pulled into an internet wormhole and now the stars are all showing! This day is special. I also got a free coffee this afternoon AND uhhh something else. drawing a blank. Anyway, guys. GUYS. It's a great day. Also - don't get hit by a bus!
  • Play - go walking, running, biking, be outside, drive someplace prettier and be outside there. Just do anything where you don't sit still in one place like most adults because that's how you double your death speed. Your cells are SO BORED that they seriously have no choice but to double-down towards death. Trust me. I'm a doctor.*
  • Surround yourself with vacation memories. I work in a cube now and have brought in twinkle lights to illuminate the cube-wall-sized tapestry I just had delivered of a picture taken of the rainforest while in Costa Rica. This will not only remind me of what a spectacular life this is when we can jet all over the planet, but it will inspire me to feel grateful that I ever went!
  • Play tourist and walk more in your city. See places you've never bothered to go to yourself or try to look at street cafes a little closer. Walk around the city aimlessly and then do what vacationers do best - eat. This also sounds like an enormously effective way to avoid being productive. Doctor advice, no doubt.
  • Plan a trip. No matter how long in the future, start planning. Look for similarities to your own city and add to its charm. How can travel impact your daily life in a way that adds novelty, at least for a while? Feel the exciting anticipation of newness that awaits you in the vast out-there. I got back from Costa Rica and a couple days later was diligently googling what I have to look forward to in Japan. The nice thing about Airbnb, too, is you see how similarly people really live. I can't think of a modern society that sounds more alien to me than Japanese culture, but looking into the average homes on Airbnb is a weirdly connecting experience. And I am an expert on traveling there now, so feel free to ask me for knowledge and truth, sweet non-existent reader (except for you, mom! Hi!! OR should I say, O-hi-ooooo!)
  • Start learning a language. Just do it. Get Duolingo and an hour will pass in a flash. Then you won't be exactly fluent, but you'll be able to say strange things in French, like "The shark is eating the dolphin" and "The cat has a black dress". Based on what I have learned, the French have a strong interest in animals and, so, I love the French.
  • Annnnd that's all my advice. I've given you alllll of my good advice.

So, just remember we all die! We are all visiting this world on a temporary visa. Why should we think of it as anything other than a vacation every day? Keep it curious.

* Did not attend medical school.


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